Sporadics don't matter - Or: How to get rid of flaky tests

This series of blog posts tries to shed some light on the phenomenom of flaky, intermittent, random, or sporadic tests.

Usually this topic is covered from a pure technical perspective. I think there is much more to it then that. Flaky tests start gathering in your test base for social reasons which have to tackled as well before even starting to solve the technical issues.

Until now these parts have been published:

Part 1: Sporadics don't matter
Part 2: Let the CI server take care of these Sporadics
Part 3: Where do these Sporadics come from
Part 4: Tune up the speakers - Let Sporadics scream at you
Part 5: Process vs. People - Or: Processes won't fix you bugs
Part 6: To Quarantine or Not To Quarantine Contagious Tests

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